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Parenting Unusual is an initiative founded on the recognition of the challenges and stresses that are associated with the parenting of children with Special Needs. Beyond the stresses and challenges, is the emotional pain caused mainly by the cultural assumption of our society that does not truly believe that each person is intrinsically valuable. Being a parent comes with challenges and difficulties that induces physical, emotional and even financial pressure on the family, but it becomes more difficult when the child has special needs. The discovery that the child has special needs brings a range of emotions such as; rejection, guilt, blame, frustration, anger that so often results in parents being ill-equipped in understanding and knowing their needs and the needs of their children…

Parents and Service Providers of Children with Special Needs

Parents and Service Providers of Children with Special Needs

Finding a school for children with special needs in Nigeria is a major challenge for most parents of children with special needs. As a result, some children are either locked up at home or in schools that do not meet their specific learning needs. Are you a Parent of a child with special needs and still wondering how to get your child into school or still in doubt in what school to send your child to? Please join us on Saturday 22, 2020

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