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About Parenting Unusual

Parenting Unusual is a Parent Support Group designed to provide support and guidance to parents of children living with Special Needs.
Raising a child with special needs comes with its own unique challenges and concerns, some of which could be quite frustrating and managing these challenges requires a great deal of understanding. Connecting and sharing with other parents who are walking the same path may offer relief, comfort, and hope as no one can truly understand or describe what and how these parents feel but a parent who has been on this journey.

Through learning and various activities, we will promote and develop parents’ competencies so they will be more equipped with the knowledge and skills needed in the management of their child’s challenging behavior, become more involved in their child’s learning and education and build a more effective communication, relationship and interaction with their children in a more responsive and supportive way.

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Parenting Unusual is an initiative founded on the recognition of the challenges and stresses that are associated with the parenting of children with Special Needs. Beyond the stresses and challenges, is the emotional pain caused mainly by the cultural assumption of our society that does not truly believe that each person is intrinsically valuable. Being a parent comes with challenges and difficulties that induces physical, emotional and even financial pressure on the family, but it becomes more difficult when the child has special needs. The discovery that the child has special needs brings a range of emotions such as; rejection, guilt, blame, frustration, anger that so often results in parents being ill-equipped in understanding and knowing their needs and the needs of their children.

One of the biggest challenges for these children is finding people that understand them and their disorders and who else understands them more than a parent. Overcoming these challenges lies in the ability of the parents growing into acceptance, understanding, and patience knowing that these children have needs beyond a typically developing child that must be treated in a different way in other that they might reach their full potential.

We, therefore, desire to tailor this program to the needs of these parents using positive parenting strategies to;

  • Gain an understanding of the unique challenges and difficulties of children with special needs
  • Achieve an understanding of the skills needed to work effectively with these children to promote their development
  • To build connection, communication, and relationship between parent and children

It is hoped that you will find this program informative as well as rewarding.


To create a practical support group for parents of children with special needs. A forum where families with the same concerns, challenges, and needs are provided with vital information, emotional support, a sense of community, understanding, and help for each other.


OUR MISSION is to educate and support parents to maximize the child’s ultimate functional independence by facilitating development through learning, promoting socialization and decreasing challenging behaviors.


  • To provide online teaching to improve parent’s knowledge and coping strategies in managing the child
  • To promote the children’s development in social, emotional and behavioral issues
  • To highlight the challenges faced by families with a Special Needs Child/Children
  • To provide practical examples of families who have overcome such challenges and who are working through said challenges
  • To facilitate a discussion session where parents can discuss their challenges and every other topic related to having a child with special needs.


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