Advocate means to give voice or champion a cause and who else can support or champion the cause of a child with special needs if not the parents. It is the responsibility of parents to speak up on behalf of their children with special needs.

Studies have shown that parents’ involvement in their child’s education, significantly contributes to improved student outcomes.

Choosing the appropriate class settings, setting specific goals and providing a nurturing environment is essential if the child must succeed but can only be achieved when parents see themselves as partners with professionals in planning the care of their children with special needs.

To advocate for your child, you need to;

  • Know your child and share what you know about your child
  • Know your child’s rights and how the law protects your child
  • Know your child’s teacher and her/his responsibilities for your child
  • Know how to communicate positively and work positively with all school professionals

How much do you know of your CHILD’S NEEDS?