Introducing Our New Logo

A look back at “Who We Are”.

Parenting Unusual is a Parent Support Group designed to provide support and guidance to parents of children living with Special Needs.

Raising a child with special needs comes with its own unique challenges and concerns, some of which could be quite frustrating and managing these challenges requires a great deal of understanding. Connecting and sharing with other parents who are walking the same path may offer relief, comfort, and hope as no one can truly understand or describe what and how these parents feel but a parent who has been on this journey.

Through learning and various activities, we will promote and develop parents’ competencies so they will be more equipped with the knowledge and skills needed in the management of their child’s challenging behavior, become more involved in their child’s learning and education and build a more effective communication, relationship and interaction with their children in a more responsive and supportive way.

In addition to the online teaching on competency building in managing the problem behavior, I aim to

  • Work with schools and NGOS to know their curriculum/programs
  • Link parents up with schools that meet the needs of their children
  • Find competent caregivers/services providers to direct parents to
  • Featuring parents’ interviews to highlight their challenges
  • Identify challenges that affect parents in accessing services and schools

I want to have a curriculum for schools to train teachers and care givers.

On the front lines providing individual advocacy, programs, services, and supports for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families. To find out what supports, and services are offered near you, contact

Events leading to the launching of Parenting Unusual Website and Logo

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Challenges of caregiving in Nigeria