Parents Support Group

It is always a refreshing time whenever parents of children with special needs come together to share experiences and learn new strategies. Yesterday was one of those times for me sharing with 25 other parents in a workshop tagged: “promoting positive behaviour”.

Here are a few take-away from the session.
Every parent has a dream, desires they wish for their children to accomplish in their lifetime even when in some cases you know the child can’t make it beyond a certain level.

Parents of special needs children face the same frustration, anger, some of us lose patience more often than we would like irrespective of colour, race language and belief.

The daily pressures of life and demands of parenting a child with needs such as the mandatory physical exercise, repetition strategy, managing meltdowns, homework even sourcing for the right food and keeping up with the rest of the family takes a toll on us. It is no mystery we get overwhelmed.

We are all unlearning from the traditional parenting style in other to get it right with our children especially in shaping their behaviour.

All parents have greater opportunity to learn and grow as challenging and frustrating as our world is, we all share the same interest for our children – the reason we were in the class together. We were not talking about race, religion or culture but the interest of our children.

It changes our perspectives and teaches us to

Love unconditionally

Appreciate the simplest things of life

To love God even more

Hey you there!

When Next you see a special needs mom/dad, don’t stand to stare, reach out and ask “can I help you today?