Behavior Skills Training

Over the past few weeks we have been analyzing the different strategies we can use to help children/individuals to start behaving in more appropriate ways or acquire new behaviors such as Shaping, Prompting, Task Analysis but today, we will be looking at another type of behavioral training or intervention known as Behavioral Skills Training(BST).

What is BST?
BST is a four-step teaching strategy used in training new skills behavior. it teaches the child what behaviors to engage in under a circumstance and allows for practice during the teaching/training so that the child can become accustomed with the skills. BST is an effective training method for directly teaching a skill to children with developmental disabilities, teachers, caregivers and parents on how to effectively work with children.

The 4 steps

  • Instruction
  • Model
  • Rehearsal
  • Feedback.

Instruction –This is when the parent/teacher describes exactly what the skills/ behaviors are or the expected behavior, when to perform it and when not to perform the behavior. it can be written, or verbal and the child/student is expected to repeat the instructions after the parent/teacher had finished to confirm his understanding of the instruction. The whole idea is to give the child/student an explanation of how to complete a skill or behavior.

Modeling – In this second step, the skill is demonstrated by the parent/teacher on how to perform the skill.

Rehearsal – This is when the child is given an opportunity or opportunities to practice the skill learned and it is followed immediately with a feedback.

Feedback – The child/student is provided with a positive praise