Parenting Unusual - FACTS ABOUT SPD


What is SPD
A neurological condition that interferes with the body’s ability to interpret sensory messages from the brain and convert those messages into appropriate motor and behavioural responses.

Signs & Symptoms.
The first step is to look out for the trigger—the sensory input that’s overwhelming your child. The second is the type of sensory processing challenge your child has.

Like many disorders, the symptoms of sensory processing disorder exist on a spectrum. It may affect one sense, or it may affect multiple senses. A child can be over- or under-responsive to any of the senses he/she has challenges with and may frequently throw tantrums or have meltdowns.

Tracking your child’s behaviour and reaction can help you identify patterns and triggers. But Occupational therapist are best qualified to diagnose and design a treatment plan to meet your child’s specific needs. Other professionals like the Pediatrician, Developmental-behavioral pediatricians and psychologists can also diagnose as well as design treatment plans.

There are no medications for sensory processing issues. But there are professionals that can help your child learn strategies to cope with sensory challenges – Occupational Therapist through Sensory Integration Therapy and Sensory Diet. it involves helping children engage in activities they are not good at, overwhelming, and helping them get used to things they can’t tolerate in a regular and consistent pattern.

Dealing with Sensory Processing issues and the unexpected behaviours that come with it, can be frustrating for parents, but knowing your child’s trigger and pattern, makes it easier to manage.

Visit an Occupational Therapist, Parenting Coach, Psychologists today, to identify your child’s needs. (Parenting Coach works you through social, emotional and behavioural challenges)