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Parent Notebook – My Child at a Glance

We cannot over-emphasis the importance of record keeping and when it concerns a child with special needs, it becomes even more of a necessity. I know it is an additional task on an already full plate but once this is set up and follows through, a whole lot of problems can be prevented. Some parents may argue that; since we are in the technological era, we rather adopt the digital approaches, which is believed can streamline record keeping and make your records more useful.

As good as that sounds, we need to consider what happens to our children in the case of any circumstance that might leave him/her with another family member, friend, teacher, caregiver or even a new professional contracted to work with our child who may not have access to your computer.

My child at a glance, tells any first contact everything he/she needs to know about him/her especially when recorded in an organized format. It gives valuable information and details to anyone you are working with including family members. This is designed for easy filing and access to the most important information about your child past, present and future.

Binder Suggested Content

  • Binder cover -Insert a photo of your child
  • Inside front pocket – current IEP Report (Individual Education Plan)
  • Section 1- Child’s Calendar (include all important dates, Professional’s appointments,
  • Section 2 – All about the child
  • (all important document, in the event of emergency, who do I call? Where do I get help from?)
  • Section 3 – Schools Parent Planning Notes, The Individual Education Plan (IEP) (in this section, you keep the last IEP reports
  • Section 4- Educational Evaluations and Reports (Therapists’ Reports, Progress Reports, Reviews)
  • Section 6 – Diagnosis and Medical Reports including medications
  • Any other useful information that might help.

I hope you find this helpful.