Summer Holiday Tips

As Summer holiday approaches, many children start to anticipate summer vacation and many parents also share in the holiday excitement as the summer season offers a break from homework and an overscheduled array of extracurricular activities. But for parents of children with special needs, summer periods can be a season with mixed feelings as many children with developmental disabilities, intellectual disabilities and other needs do best with a regular routine which schools offers most. So unstructured days can be challenging both for the children, parents and many camps are not accessible and inclusive for all children, leaving parents wondering how to find a place where their children can be supported, have a safe and structured environment as well as enjoy the fun of summer activities.

Here are my suggestions for a fun/activity filled summer holiday for your child.

Give your child the “summer camp experience”
Participating in a summer camp program is one that every child should have the opportunity to experience, regardless of ability. And for children with special needs, it offers many benefits such as; the opportunity to develop social skills, arts and craft, adventure skills, boast self-confidence, teambuilding activities, sports, fishing, swimming organized games science experiments, while learning to make daily choices in a safe and caring environment. All activities are adapted to match everyone’s skill level and abilities with fun and engaging activities in a safe environment with well trained staff and buddies (look or summer camps around you).

Talk to other parents: It’s important to be part of a community outreach/program when parenting a child with extra needs/supports. Fellow parents will share their experiences with different summer programs, and even make recommendations to other interesting places like; the zoo, parks, botanical gardens, lakes and swimming.

Summer School program: Check for eligibility for ESY program or you can register your child in a privately funded summer school program.

It will be helpful to have more ideas, suggestions and recommendations from our parents.
Please share your experience with us