What is an Inclusive Education

What is an Inclusive Education

What is an Inclusive Education?

Inclusive education is the placement of all students regardless of their challenges, in a general education classroom with children their own age.

  • It ensures access to quality education for all students by effectively meeting their specific needs in a way that is responsive, accepting, respectful and supportive as well as participation in non-academic activities
  • It is carried out in a common learning environment; that is, an educational setting where students with different abilities learn together which include classrooms, libraries, physical education, arts, music rooms, cafeterias and playgrounds.

Is it Effective?

  • Its Effective when the student is learning and applying meaningful content (that is connecting to the teaching) and meeting IEP goals with his/her classmates without disabilities.

How do I work with others to include my child?

Various research on inclusive education have shown that family involvement significantly contributes to improved student outcomes in learning and school success. So, your participation is needed if your child is to be successfully included. You will need to work with teachers, school administrators, support staff and others to make inclusive education a reality in your child.

How do I advocate Inclusive Education for my Child?

  • Find ways to share what you know about your child
  • Understand your child’s rights and what the law requires(that is in countries where Federal and State laws protects the “Rights” and funds the education of all children with disabilities) and where there are the laws, find out from support groups, online resources so as to know what demands to make from your child’s teacher, school administrator, therapist or centers working with your child
  • Know school staff and their responsibilities for your child
  • Communicate effectively and work positively with all school staff
  • Believe that your voice and your child’s voice is important