Early Intervention and Child Development

Early Intervention and Child Development

Last Saturday we had a beautiful time on instalive with Dr. Badewa Williams where she took us through the importance of Early Intervention and Services. It is always of concern when a child’s development seems slow or more difficult than would normally be expected. We learned that the term “developmental delay” is an important one in early intervention and honestly, it means that a child is delayed in some area of development including:

  • Cognitive
  • Physical
  • Communication
  • Social or emotional
  • Adaptive development

So, if you think that your child is not developing at the same pace or in the same way as most children his or her age, talk to your child’s paediatrician or a Specialist and explain your concerns. Tell the doctor what you have observed with your child. Your child may have a disability or a developmental delay, or the child may be at risk of having a disability or delay.

One of the first things that will happen is that your child will be evaluated to see if, indeed, he or she has a developmental delay or disability. This evaluation will not hurt your child but rather looks at his or her basic skills. Based on the result of the evaluation, your child may be eligible for early intervention services, which will be designed to address your child’s special needs or delays.

Although early intervention is from birth to age 3, but you can have your child evaluated at any age(the earlier the better). It will provide you with the tools and approaches that will meet your child’s specific needs and outline services your child will be receiving.

Are you connected to the Early Intervention Program in your area?