Connecting with and Efficiently Implementing a behavior intervention plan for your child with special needs is a tough aspect of parenting a child with special needs. The reason is not because we do not want to, but it almost seems that there is an overwhelming amount of skills, subskills, and problem behaviors to deal with that makes starting and continuing appear cumbersome. However, setting goals and working to achieving them helps you define what you genuinely want for yourself and your child and promotes a “can do attitude” in you

Are you having difficulty identifying which skills you would like your child to learn, or behaviors for change?

  1. Think of the skills you want your child to learn
  2. think about what you would like to change in yourself and in your child’s behavior
  3. Do not try to change too many things at the same time
  4. Choose one or two things and set some
  5. Keep your goals simple and realistic so you can achieve them

What goals have you set for your child?

  1. Communication (Making requests, expressing wants, needs, requesting for assistance, making choices etc.)
  1. Social/Emotional (Waiting, accepting the removal of preferred items, transitioning, accepting “No”, turn taking, following directions/instructions etc.)
  2. Academic skills (labeling, matching, reading, writing, counting numbers etc.)
  3. Independent functioning (teeth brushing, dressing up, toileting routine, feeding self-etc.)

Have you set your GOALS for the week?

What are the challenges in accomplishing them?

Please comment below. Will like to hear from you