Helping Your Child/children Cope in This Time

Helping Your Child/children Cope in This Time

This is indeed a tough time for everyone. The shut down on almost everything including schools, meaning loss of the eight hours of childcare it provides every weekday has made parenting an all-day, every-day job. How do you keep the kids from bouncing off the walls or spending the day in front of the screen?

Scheduling activities to stay organized, and efficiently plan to keep the children happy, stimulated and academically challenged at this “TIME” will reduce frustration and provide opportunities to learn things you would ordinarily not consider teaching.

Come up with a daily plan (with pictures) and hang on the wall for the children to see (adapt to child)

Here are a few Examples (Adapt to child)

  • Cultivate a reading habit and read books with your kids. “Reading interactively with (not just at) children is very beneficial for language and literacy instruction. Encourage them to talk about pictures, predict what will happen next in a story, including the characters.
  • Create a math activity in your home and have the children to count everything in your home. Have the little ones count things one-by-one, and the older, elementary-aged children put items in groups to count.
  • Have them come up with word problems based on sharing. For example, “If you and your brother have $120 and you share it equally, how many will each get?” (use your imagination all through the day)
  • Make a list of 10 -20 items on a sheet of paper to find around the house ― for example, ‘all hard objects, electronics, all spotted items,’ ‘everything according to their shapes and color.
  • Watch a movie or TV show together and critique. What was the theme? Your high point? (Stretch their imagination). For older children, have them watch a movie a day that focuses on history or gives a perspective of certain times in Nigerian History, African history, world history (adapt to your country history)
  • Taking walks within your vicinity and talking about whatever catches the child/children’s attention, is an exercise in language skills. “Name objects you see repetitively with description. Ask the child what [he or she] thinks about the object. Such as: That is a beautiful bird! isn’t it? Do you like birds? What color is the bird? And look, over there, there’s another one—do you know what type of bird that is?
  • Do simple treasure hunt but with pictures of cartoon characters for them to find around the house. This can be adapted to your child
  • YouTube is a great resource for learning especially in arts and crafts. Go to Youtube for Art tutorials and discover your child’s creativity and imaginations

It will also provide opportunities to enhance your creative, imaginative skills and bonding with your children more.