Teaching Methods

Teaching Methods

There are various teaching methods you can use to teach a new behavior/skill to your child.  It is important to note that   when it comes to teaching children with special needs, there is “no one size fit all” and no one method, process, or product will work for all children.

So, it is not about using a specific method, but about following a process. As a parent, you should allow flexibility to tell when something works, for adjustment and change when it does not work.

You should recognize when an approach or a method is not working and change it.


Teaching Methods?

Your teaching method depends on what fits you (that is why it’s important to know a child’s skill’s level) but basically the same way you teach everything. However, there are various teaching methods of teaching behaviour. But before going into the various teaching methods, let us look at these examples.

  1. Sharon has trouble zipping her skirt. Once she started, she can zip it all the way down, but she cannot get it started by herself.

What do you think is keeping her from doing it by herself?

  1. James has trouble brushing his teeth. Mom ask him to brush his teeth. He goes to the bathroom, picks up his toothpaste and toothbrush but seems stock

What do you think is keeping him from do this by himself?

  1. OZ is holding a book and just staring at it, he refuses to read the caption or open the page to begin his reading

What do you think is keeping him from doing this by himself?


  1. What could you do to help teach your child to do things without an attitude or outburst?
  2. Do you teach with emotions because he is a special needs child, so I must do everything for my child!
  3. What best describes your teaching methods?

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