WHAT IS ON YOUR MIND (Inspiring story)

Last Friday at the “Autism Night Out” a workshop for
individuals with Autism, families and caregivers, designed to keep children with Autism Safe was a reflective one. At the end, a parent was thankful to the organizers, she said “My ground son just got diagnosed with Autism Spectrum disorder and my daughter’s life is shattered. I came for this workshop not sure of the outcome but seeing all these parents with their children and all the information that was provided this night, am going home with a renewed hope knowing there is a way.

That was the high point of the event for me. I imagined her daughter in that feeling of shock that follows the discovery of your child going to develop differently from other children and the fear that he/she might live with it for the rest of his/her life. Instantly, it occurred to me that there may be parents among us who like that grandma, is new to the world of special needs parents and probably thinks “all has come to an end” just because they are overwhelmed with where to start from and who to go to”.

I remember when my son was newly diagnosed, and his school was designing his IEP for the first time. So, in one of those IEP meetings, the psychologist in addressing the IEP team of 8, said “we are handling a critical case that requires speed (that’s refereeing to my son’s case) “the child amongst other things, has a tendency to wander away and we all know that Ms X (refereeing to his teacher) cannot handle 18 students plus this student”. I can’t remember how that made feel but yes that was the case with my son.

Few weeks later, my son was placed in another school that had the facilities to support his learning and today like that grandma who worked out of that workshop room hopeful, my son has not only transformed, but no longer wanders about.
I might not know where you are with your child today! There is so much hope …not just to get by but to become All that he/she is created to be