Parenting Unusual - Keeping Our Children Safe

Keeping Our Children Safe

Parents of children with special needs have a higher burnout rate than it is found in the parents of typically developing children. The reason is as a result of several issues/ challenges parents are constantly faced with that sometimes makes parenting incredibly difficult and results in an oversight of some aspects of care for the child.

“how do I teach my non-verbal child how to say his/name or house address when found wandering in the neighbourhood? “

how do I explain to my child who is so obsessed with water not to go to the pool within the house without an adult because it’s dangerous”?

“how do I teach my son who is so fascinated to dogs not to go near an unaccompanied dog”?

Factors That Pose Some Risks For Your Child.

Abduction/kidnap; some children will trust and follow directions of any adult and cannot tell the difference between safe and unsafe people or behaviour.

Injury; some children are fascinated to dangerous objects, animals or activities.

Bullying and attack; most of the children do not perceive threatening people or animals as such.

Infection and injury; there are those who are not adequately sensitive to pain.

Multiple risks; majority are not able to functionally use language.

What Are Your Safety Concerns For Your Child?

Inability to understanding safety signs

Wandering in the neighbourhood



Sexual assault


Insensitive to pain?

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