Allow me to introduce myself to you!

Allow me to introduce myself to you!

Allow me to introduce myself to you!
Name: Christy Salako
Founder: Parenting Unusual an online parent’s support group for Special Families.
Mother of 1 amazing, smart, loving but Clever 10-year-old boy (Special Mum)
Diagnosis – Autism Spectrum Disorder
Professional Practice: HR Practitioner/Consulting (MSC)
Certification: Registered Behavior Technician, Positive Behaviors Support and Positive Parenting Strategies.

Following a path to Human Resource Management has proven very satisfying. One in which I had so much passion, and frankly was at the peak of my career where I worked in talent management and organizational development (identifying new talents in the organization to determine the development they need to progress in their careers) and how the strategic management of HRM within the organisation will contribute towards the achievement of its business growth, goals and objectives. So, it was not one that I could leave for any other thing. But Like every other thing in life, the discovery that my son has autism spectrum disorder at age 7, changed my whole life and my family dynamics.

On coming to terms with this reality, my first reaction was to learn as much as I could about the diagnosis and how it affects him. Sometimes, we discover our real selves on the frightening, unknown path that pushes us outside the places that feel safe and familiar. So, I became a regular face at workshops/seminars and parenting – classes to gain information and knowledge on how to help my son.

The various parenting courses/classes and programs provided me with the necessary knowledge and skills that influenced my parenting style and changed my perspectives in the management of children with special needs. However, my meeting and working with the Director of programs (Applied Behaviour Analysis) of the University of South Florida, further strengthened my skills and influenced my interest in studying various behaviours prevalent among children with special needs, and learning new ways and strategies to help correct these behaviours in other for them to attain their full potentials. At this point, I knew I needed more practical knowledge beyond just managing my son. I became a volunteer in a group home with about 10 children with special needs. Working with these children under the supervision of a board-certified behaviour analyst was a privilege which stirred up diligence, passion and desire to help these children realize their dreams.

Having these experiences and insights into special needs care helped me first, get through the nerve-wracking experience of dealing with my son’s condition. Secondly, the importance of parental involvement during the early age of the child. And thirdly, my strong sense of compassion to search and care for parents of these little humans who work at least twice as hard as other regular children to get to the same place, sometimes they do not even get there.

Seeing these wonderful children grow to fulfil their dreams and attain the highest heights of success, would be the greatest legacy of my experiences.

Glad you have finally met me; can all our parents kindly write briefly about you and your child? (including child’s age and your expectations from the group) in the comment section. We want to know you more so we can serve you better.

I hope you and your family are staying SAFE